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Help Spread the Word!

Our personalized PHACE Syndrome Awareness Week frames let our PHACE families be a part of spreading awareness.

Each family can request a set of frames to share on their social media platforms and with their family and friends.


If you or your child has PHACE Syndrome and you'd like a set of frames, click below!

How can social media posts help spread awareness?

Watch the video below to learn about how to make the most of your PHACE Syndrome Awareness Week frames!

The Faces of PHACE Syndrome

Check out the amazing faces that make up the PHACE Syndrome Community! The PSC is committed to reaching and supporting every PHACE family at any point in their PHACE journey. With increased awareness, especially within the medical community, we can make sure every case of PHACE Syndrome is recognized and diagnosed quickly, and that the PSC can reach out to them and offer our support. 

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